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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paypal Pre-Approved Payments issue - Unable to Bill Order

Issue I stumbled on this weekend when I tried to sign up to a magazine subscription that used the paypal pre-approved payment option it pretty much got me nowhere and I kept seeing billing for $0.00 or getting the error Unable to Bill Order

There is a quick fix for this , and the issue is usually caused by some debit credit cards or what preapproved payment options you have setup in paypal.

visit your paypal account

click on Profile -> My Money -> click on Update next to "My Pre-approved payments"

Once your in you can view your current approved payments , and often you will see a whole lot of zero's this is indication that you have not selected enough payment sources or a certain payment source is not acceptable

Click on set available funding sources

now you can select which payment options you prefer to use for pre-approved payments , it best to put a tick next atleast two options. That's it hope that has helped someone who has been frustrated by this issue

note : friends kid had this issue when trying to buy gold on tribes ascend , Unable to Bill Order with paypal approved payments.

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