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Monday, January 18, 2016

T440s Won't Power On - Totally Dead FIX Laptop won't Power ON

Common issue for all laptops but I have personally experienced this with T440s, T450s and some HP laptops.

Laptop has a black screen with no indicator lights lit up. Powering on with power pack attached or from battery power laptop is unreponsive and nothing happens

This is usually a very quick fix, you can remove or disconnect the battery and then hold the power button down to remove any stored up or residual power left over in the system preventing POST.

Step by Step (T440s/t450s and similar laptops)

1. Remove Battery

Remove battery from laptop

2. Remove Back Cover

Undo all the screws on the back of the laptop and then use a spudger to slowly pry open the back cover, see image below for order of steps.

3. Unplug Internal Battery

unplug internal battery , image shown in number 2

4. Hold down power button for 60 seconds

5. Retry powering on with all batteries disconnected

that is all for today , hope that helps for all those whose laptops won't turn on but display beeps or warning lights visit your manufacturers website to identify the issue. 
 Ive also heard of people getting laptops to boot by removing the ram and trying to power it on , or simply reseating the ram.


  1. You are a genius!!! Thanks soo much for posting this.
    I thought my motherboard died. The trick that did it was actually unplugging the cable (2) and then holding the power button for 60 seconds. I tried everything else before and nothing worked. Saved my day!! Thanks

  2. This worked -- you are a GENIUS!!

  3. Thank you, worked perfectly!

  4. Damn! You just save my work day! Thanks a lot!

  5. You can also can use a paperclip or pin to put the reset button. There is a hole in the bottom of the case so that you can reset the internal battery without taking the bottom of the case apart.

    1. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T440P and there is no hole in the bottom of the case to reset the internal battery. Could it be somewhere other than the bottom on this particular laptop? I have tried all other options besides this.

  6. YES!! Thank you!! no ram removed

  7. My Laptop T440s, cannot start up after press power button, it just light up and down on the power button, Function key (FN), Key F1 and F4. everything is black and screen not show anything.

  8. TBH I thought this sounded like nonsense, but I was desperate and tried it... AND IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Saved me a ton of money and grief.

  9. GENIUS - Thanks!!!!

  10. My work laptop died and I got tired of waiting for the techies to respond so I just tried it myself, and it worked! I'm not a handy guy so I was really quite surprised and ecstatic, seems like nothing ever works the first time...but this did! Thanks mate!

    P.S. Just read the pin hole shortcut above, damn...that was a buzz kill. That would've saved me some hassle. Hey, but all's well that ends well.

  11. Works. Thank you so much.
    Someone posted"You can also can use a paperclip or pin to put the reset button. There is a hole in the bottom of the case so that you can reset the internal battery without taking the bottom of the case apart". Would you please show me where? I could not find it. Thank you

  12. Thnx!first I used the small hole in the back but didn't worked. Disconnecting the internal battery did!

  13. I disabled my internal battery from BIOS and now my laptop wont power on, please help..!!

  14. Many thanks! It works, you save me!

  15. WOW!! It worked! Pressing the reset button didnt work, but this did!

  16. Pin hole on the bottom of the laptop. (Opposite side of the touch pad) Stick a paperclip in there, click, reset. Hold power button down battery removed.

  17. This worked for me. My T440 was dead like a hunk of cheese, but I opened the cover and disconnected the internal battery power, as instructed, and then reconnected everything and it worked. It does seem like these instructions are missing where it should say "plug in the ac adapter," before it says "Retry powering on with all batteries disconnected." but maybe I'm the only one who needs to be told that.

    Also, my laptop did not have the reset button as described in some posts, even though it's supposed to be the same model.

  18. Thank you very much, it saved my day !!

    i tried 1st by removing SIMM and hold power button for 60s. it did not work.

    then i tried yours - worked, thanks again !!

  19. Wow, not sure whether it was holding the power button for 60 seconds or using a pin to press the internal battery reset switch, but this worked for me too! Happy to have such a simple solution!

  20. Thank you!! This totally works if your laptop won't turn on and no beep alert is heard.

  21. There are two (2) batteries. The external one and the internal one.
    Removing only the external one and power cord alone does not fix.
    I removed the external one and used a paperclip to put into the reset hole on the back (opposite the touchpad). This worked for me.

  22. Thanks unplug and holding power button for few seconds helped me too


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