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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Windows Server 2016 - Remote Desktop Gateway - Only One UDP Session FIX

Issue: Even when enabling UDP under transport setting in the remote desktop manager , My remote desktop gateway connections refused to use more than 1 UDP session at a time. Therefore reducing the connection speed and impacting user experience.

First Step: right click server name in remote desktop gateway manager and ensure UDP transport is enabled.

Note: Ensure you are forwarding UDP traffic from port 3391 (or what you set it to ) through your firewall from outside to inside.

The FIX:

The fix is actually very simple , for some reason even when you haven't set Group Policies relating to Remote desktop services and connections that assumes you want it off by default , which is annoying to say the least.


2.  Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components, Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Connections 

3. Select -> Select RDP Transport Protocols

4. Enable and select both UDP and TCP

for some reason when its not enabled it only gives you the one UDP session , it seems like a 2016 server glitch to me

oooooh happppy days..


  1. Does this apply to a Windows 10 host?

    1. windows 10 can't act as a remote desktop gateway as far as I know, if its a windows 10 client having the udp session issue then yea it can be fixed on the server with the gpo

  2. This doesn't work for what it's worth - I did notice the same thing (one UDP and one http session as opposed to 2 UDP and one http session with RDS 2016). I tried the GPO but it didn't change anything - still only one UDP session...

    1. hey Unknown, thanks for testing from what I have seen it did work when I applied it directly on the gateway server. Although I did try a the same fix just the other day and noticed no difference so not sure if there is something else

  3. Do you apply this policy on Gateway servers?