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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Office 2013 Crashing everytime you Print - HP Office & PDF Printing Not Responding

here is a real doozey of an issue, just a real pain and it only seems to happen with Office 2013 and some HP and Canon printers.


1. Turn off Smart Install

First of all do yourself a favour and turn off the HP Smart Install Feature under

Menu -> Services -> HP Smart Install

this feature is meant to make it easier to install the printer but more often than not it messes it up , take this off and next time you add the printer either via usb or network , choose have a disk and specify the drivers you would like to use. Download drivers from hp website.

2. Disable Printer Status Notification

1. If you are unable to right click your printer and goto Printer Properties. Log off and back on.
2. Right click printer and select Printer Properties
3. Under the Device Settings tab , change Printer Status Notification to DISABLED

that should hopefully fix your issues

Excel 2010 Missing Data and Rows - No Row Numbers

annoying issue made more frustrating by excel 2010 fancy menu's


Row numbers are missing including all data and columns usually until the very end of the worksheet. People often search around the view tab in vain trying to hide and split the workbook but this effects the workbook as a whole and not individual rows and columns. Always check your page layout for an easy fix first though.


3 options to go about fixing this issue

1. Unhide Rows

Select the area that contains the missing row numbers and data or select all the data (CTRL + A )

Under the Home Tab - Format -> Hide and Unhide - Unhide Rows

your data and row numbers should reappear.

2. Check the Filter

Make sure you are not accidently applying a filter to your data which may be hiding everything from your very worried eyes

under the Home Tab again , click Sort & Filter and Clear any filters you may have

3. Last Resort - Safe Mode

If all else fails run excel in safemode to rule out third party addins or other setting messing with your data. Goto Run and type in excel /safe

also check your frozen panes if your still having trouble, that is all hope it helps as usual

4. Excel Save as with Macro's Enabled

Some rows may appear blank when opened with macro's disabled or in compatibility mode, go to excel file -> save as and choose Macro Enabled Excel Workbook .

Then close and retry the workbook again