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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Windows 7 Upgrade Microsoft .NET Framework needs to be repaired and windows update loop

A very common site i'm seeing with windows 7 upgrades, is upon restarting you get the message

Setu phas detected that the .NET Framework version 4 needs to be repaired. Do not restart your computer until Setup is complete.

it can take sometime to finish around 10-15 minutes at the most but if something goes wrong you can be stuck in an endless loop of windows updates.
the example is of a KB982671 update that trying to install every 30 minutes because .net framework was corrupt in some way and an update was impossible
The solution is as follows

Download the Microsoft .NET framework cleanup tool from

Use it to clean all versions of .NET framework

now download the full standalone version of the version of .NET framework that you need. I REPEAT Full Standalone


the internet installer version failed for me, and kept giving me the message that another program was already installing .net framework, which of course was the microsoft windows update stuck in a loop

that should be it, worked for me after I got impatient with the repair and just crashed it, best bet is just to let it go and finish its job

Insufficient Memory Windows - Adobe Acrobat reader logtransport2.exe

Another annoying issue causing your computer to freeze up and move at the speed of a snail

if you goto your processes from task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL )

and find a process called logtransport2.exe you have offficially signed up the adobe improvement program and have agreed to give them random info about your adobe activities.

The only problem is it can max out your memory and make your computer unusuable.

Here are your options

Goto adobe

Help -> Improvement Program Options, and choose No to opt out of this wonderful program and your problems will be over, a quick restart will get your computer back to life

otherwise use something other than adobe or use 9.1 or over which does not include this program