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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station USB Issues

Have been an avid user of Lenovo thinkpad laptops for many years now and have tried many different docks and the most common complaint is that USB ports are unresponsive , laggy , or simply don't power up usb devices.

3 Quick fixes to Laptop Dock USB Issues

1. Really simple one to start with make sure you are docking the laptop correctly, that means all pins on the dock connector and laptop fully connecting, even slightly off and the power won't get to the usb ports on the dock.

2. Another no brainer but best to check your power pack is supplying enough power to the dock to power all usb points including all display ports etc. It is common just to use the same power pack for the dock as you use for the laptop, and this may not be sufficient power to power everything on. Some power packs may have just degenerate over time and need replacing.

3. Check your BIOS settings, some laptops will have bios settings for the option to enable/disable the use of a dock. Also check the USB sleep and power settings while you are in the BIOS. (To get into BIOS press DEL or F1(or blue thinkpad button) immediately after powering on the machine)

Microsoft Outlook 2007 - Address Book not updating and Errors opening outlook windows search and add-ins crashing

Microsoft outlook causing frustration as usual, a very common problem is a Address Book that just refuses to update, or when you go to download the address book or inbox it send and receive will get stuck at 50%

Microsoft Outlook Address book not updating

1. Delete the offline address book , the .oab file
this file will be located in C:\Users\"Your Username"\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

if you have no luck there have a look in the Roaming Directory

2. Delete the the extend.dat file, same location as above. this file handles file associations for outlook and can sometimes cause error's, you can cut this file out and copy it back in if the problem is not solved. The extend.dat file will be recreated by outlook so its not a big deal if you delete it permanently

3. If running a Microsoft exchange server, there will be an option under the server configuration manager under organizational config, to update to offline address book. This will take 5-10 minutes to run depending on the size of the offline address book

Problems Starting Outlook - Crashing Addins and Windows Search Error

1. run outlook in safe mode with the switch. outlook.exe /safe

2. the most common reason for outlook crashing or being sluggish are 3rd party addins and they cause more disasters than solutions, its a good idea to keep addins to a minimum if possible.

3. Delete the offline cached emails .ost files.(again the file will be located under C:\user\username\appdata\local\microsoft\outlook) The offline cached emails file can become quite huge over time and even become corrupt. you can delete this file and allow outlook to re download all of your mail

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dynamics AX - The AOS has reached its limit for user sessions or memory consumption

Common message when trying to connect to Dynamics AX

The AOS has reached its limit for user sessions or memory consumption

there are a few possible reasons this has occured

1. Max number of users in AX set to 1 or less than the desired. fix by logging into AX
In Basic -> Setup -> Server configuration , alter connections to desired amount

2. SQL Server is running in single user mode preventing multiple logins, if this is for a specific database right click database , options, permissions and select multi user mode.

3. Dynamics Aos is not running or running with incorrect permissions. First step check the event viewer on the server running the AOS

4. SQL server permissions are incorrect this will usually relate to the same user that is running the AOS not having permissions to use the sql database.

apart from the above , will need more information to prevent this error. goodluck to all