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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Windows 7 Upgrade Microsoft .NET Framework needs to be repaired and windows update loop

A very common site i'm seeing with windows 7 upgrades, is upon restarting you get the message

Setu phas detected that the .NET Framework version 4 needs to be repaired. Do not restart your computer until Setup is complete.

it can take sometime to finish around 10-15 minutes at the most but if something goes wrong you can be stuck in an endless loop of windows updates.
the example is of a KB982671 update that trying to install every 30 minutes because .net framework was corrupt in some way and an update was impossible
The solution is as follows

Download the Microsoft .NET framework cleanup tool from

Use it to clean all versions of .NET framework

now download the full standalone version of the version of .NET framework that you need. I REPEAT Full Standalone


the internet installer version failed for me, and kept giving me the message that another program was already installing .net framework, which of course was the microsoft windows update stuck in a loop

that should be it, worked for me after I got impatient with the repair and just crashed it, best bet is just to let it go and finish its job

Insufficient Memory Windows - Adobe Acrobat reader logtransport2.exe

Another annoying issue causing your computer to freeze up and move at the speed of a snail

if you goto your processes from task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL )

and find a process called logtransport2.exe you have offficially signed up the adobe improvement program and have agreed to give them random info about your adobe activities.

The only problem is it can max out your memory and make your computer unusuable.

Here are your options

Goto adobe

Help -> Improvement Program Options, and choose No to opt out of this wonderful program and your problems will be over, a quick restart will get your computer back to life

otherwise use something other than adobe or use 9.1 or over which does not include this program

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Microsoft Outlook Out of Office Assistant not working ?

The out of office assistant can be a great tool when it works correctly but I have noticed a lot of posts lately from people having out of office messages not working or out of office messages that simply wont turn off.

First of all depending on the group policies set on your domain (if your on one) you may not have permissions to set out of office so that's the first thing to check, if your using the out of office assistant and still having trouble turning it off or on give the following tips a try.

1. Outlook Switches - Clean rules ( backup your rules first)
the most common reason for out of office messages not working are that htere a problems with outlook rules either blocking or preventing the out of office assistant from doing its job, so first of all run

outlook /cleanrules

outlook /cleanclientrules

if this fails the most likely reason is that you didn't install outlook to the default directory, if that is the case simply use the full path to Microsoft outlook, e.g C:/microsoft/outlook.exe /cleanrules.

2. Set your office out office via web mail interface
Next step is to try setting up the out of office assistant from the microsoft exchange web interface just to help pin point the cause of all the troubles.

3. The other possible reasons

The next most common reason I see out office failing for is due to power outages or system crashes. especially relating to ISS services which can be interrupted during incorrect shutdown or crash and a restart of your mail server can usually be an easy fix.

if you still having troubles there are many ways of turning on or off the out of office assistant, try the following Microsoft applications which can help manually edit MAPI settings

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Recover Lost/Forgotten Root Password for NAS (DNS 323) and everything else

The most annoying problem, Forgetting the root password which usually leaves with no choice but to totally format and reset your entire system or just coming to realization that your stuck with a brick server with limited functions. This walkthrough is focused on the DNS 323 , as I forgot the root password today and it was driving me mad trying to recover it so I could set up some usenet/torrent schedulers. Whats First?

First thing you want to identify is, Does your server have telnet enabled or disabled?

if you haven't disabled telnet it's as easy as jumping on telnet



and changing your root password (DONE) there can be some differences with what setup your using but leave a comment and i'll try and help out

FUN-PLUG to help restore password free telnet

Download Fun-Plug

For the DNS 323 it was simply as downloading the fun-plug.tar , moving it into the main directory of my dns 323, restarting the server

On restarting , telnet with no password will be available which you can now login too

telnet servername/ipaddresss

That's it, hope that helps some people out

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to remove Generic Display Drivers and fix Screen Resolution and Blurry Monitor

Most people will be using generic display drivers that come installed with windows , the only problem with these drivers is that they generic which means they are not exactly suited to your monitor which means you won't always get the correct

- Resolution - Refresh Rate

If your screen appears blurry or fuzzy at all it may be time to check if you have generic display drivers and not the drivers designed for your monitor.

Uninstall Generic Display Drivers

Sometimes when you try and install the monitor drivers that come with your monitor you may get the message

"The best driver software for your device is already installed"

which will stop you from installing the drivers you want to use. The option is first to uninstall the generic display drivers from Device Manager and then install the correct drivers form the CD, in some cases you won't even need to as reinstalling the generic drivers may be enough to correct your blurry and screen resolution issues.

Right click the monitors and click uninstall, After they have been uninstalled correctly you can restart your computer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Blank Question Mark Error

There is a strange adobe acrobat reader error popping up around the place that just pops up with a blank error box with a question mark and no clue to what the error is.

It looks something like this

The error usually occurs when you try and open a pdf file from within your web browser, try different browsers to see if its only happening with a particular browser (most common for internet explorer and mozilla firefox)

Steps to correct this issue

1. Update Adobe Acrobat Reader

open up adobe acrobat reader click Help -> Check for Updates you may need to restart your computer

2. Reinstall Adobe Acrobat reader

uninstall and reinstall adobe acrobat reader, the issue is sometimes caused by a bad pdf plugin in your web browser. try switching web browsers and reinstalling the pdf plugin.

3. Uncheck open PDF within web browser

this will usually fix the issue instead of choosing to open the pdf within the web browser itself, the pdf file will just open up acrobat reader before trying to open the file, pretty much the same thing anyway

Edit - > Preferences -> Internet Tab