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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Microsoft Outlook Email bounce back - Delivery Failed with Correct Address FIX

a frustrating problem that is bound to occur when using Microsoft outlook and copying addresses from other emails or using auto complete to send an email.

very common bounce back message below

Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

'Joe Avenger'
Microsoft Exchange has been trying to deliver this message without success and has stopped trying. Please try sending this message again, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.

This is due the issue where when copying an email address from a forwarded email or using auto complete will often email the address instead of It may sound a little stupid but if your 100% sure the address is correct and others are able to send to it.

then Delete the auto complete entries. By typing the first few letters of the email address using the arrow keys until it is highlighted then press the DEL key. You can now retype the address manually and try again.

hope that helps, I've come across this many times I can't recall the specific reason for this issue but deleting the auto complete entry and retyping the address manually has worked for me, hope it works for you

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sharing Printer with Remote Desktop Win 7 64Bit Windows XP - Works All versions of Windows

A very frustrating problem , trying to share a local printer through a remote desktop session especially when trying to cross over between a 64bit version of windows and a 32 bit version. Or from windows 7 to windows XP.

It can be almost impossible for the drivers to match, and simply trying to install the drivers usually won't work because the remote machine will not not recognize a printer plugged in at the local end.

This is a solution for - people who cannot browse to the local computer from the remote session , for example. the printer is shared on the local machine and can be connected to by the remote machine using

from Remote Session


if you cannot browse to the local computer or ping the ip address of the local machine from the remote session. try the following. (which I believe is a much simpler way)

Steps to Share Printer
Note : You will need permission to install printer drivers on the machine you are connecting to remotely.
1. Locate any currently installed printer from the remote session

On the remote session, navigate to Printers and Devices and find a currently installed printer on the remote machine (not a printer being redirected from your local machine)

Right click on the Printer and select Printer Properties
2. Setting up Printer Driver

Go the advanced tab and click on "New Driver"

3. Selecting Printer Driver

Now you can go through the process of installing the printer driver needed on the remote computer in order for it recognize your local printer. remember its important for the printer drivers to match otherwise you will get kernel errors or nonsense being printed out.

The safest way to choose a driver is to use a windows inbuilt driver or select a driver from a disk provided by the printer manufacturer.

Click Next

Select the Printer Manufacturer and Printer name from list, otherwise select have disk

and thats it , restart your remote session and your local printer should now show up. Remember these steps are for those who are unable to share their local printer through the remote session by using printer sharing and simply adding the printer via its network path. e.g \\computername\printername

W32Time Error Event Viewer - Computer Freezing and not responding

w32 time error, msg may vary

If you find your computer freezing and becoming unresponsive, check out your event viewer/log under the system log, you may notice a whole lot of warnings about w32time a windows service used to synchronize times for computers within organizations to ensure everyone is on the same time including the servers.

1. Check how Time is synchronized

First step is to double click on your time at the bottom right of the screen, wait about 15 seconds until the internet time tab pops up, now you can make sure that your time in syncing with for example and this should remove the error.

If you have a different time keeping address you can also enter that

2. Disable System Standby

By correcting the time you should have prevented your system from hanging but its possible but if it still happens, you can disable system standby to make sure

go to start -- control panel -- power options

3. Final Fix Disable w32time service

this is for those who find that correcting how the time syncs and disabling system standby still have no effect on the system. You can disable the w32 time service

go to start --- run

type services.msc , to get a list of services currently running

locate w32 time also called Windows Time and right click to select properties, and set startup type to disabled and stop the service.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 - Screen Flickering FIX

The roll out of Internet explorer 9 has caused quite a few issues but the most annoying of all is the screen flickering caused by Internet explorer 9.

There are 3 possible ways to fix this issue with IE 9

1. Disable / Enable Software Rendering

Goto the tools menu (press ALT if menu not visible)

Tools -> Internet options -> Advanced Tab

Check or Uncheck " use software rendering instead of GPU rendering"

depending on which graphcis card you have and how update the drivers are

2. Uninstall /Disable Adobe Flash & shock wave player

some updates from windows suggests that the adobe plugin is causing flickering screens especially on pages displaying flash advertisements

goto Tools -> Internet Options -> Program Tab - > Manage add-ons

disable any shockwave or adobe flash plugins , and test to see if flickering occurs

3. Update graphics drivers

make sure you have up to date graphics card drivers to ensure it can handle GPU rendering if enabled in IE 9.

Visit your graphics card manufacturer and download the latest drivers, for laptops use the update utility.

If even that fails, try a reset of internet explorer . Under the advanced tab in internet options

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sim Card Error - APN is incorrect

This happened to me recently when using a USB wireless broadband card, every time I would try and connect it would either drop out , fail to find a signal or give me the error APN is incorrect

which basically means its not sure what network the SIM is on , for example my sim card was coming up with the Access Point Name as 3Telstra

this can be an issue especially when carriers share network lines and some people have said it has messed around with their billing a bit. If you are connecting via a basic windows system you can change your apn settings under

To change mobile broadband connection profile properties (APN, access string, user name, password, and autoconnect settings)

  1. Open Connect to a Network by clicking the network icon (Picture of the wireless network icon or Picture of the wired network icon) in the notification area.

  2. Right-click your mobile broadband network, click Properties, and then click the Profile tab.

You will need to give your service provider a call to obtain the access point name but once you have entered it you shouldn't have any trouble. generally the apn is serviceprovider.internet

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fix - Changes have been made to global template Microsoft Word

Very common issue with microsoft word no matter what version , whenever you go to close a word document no matter if its blank or is something you dont wish to save it will ask you

save the changes to the or Normal.dotm or Normal.dotm global template

This will usually be a very quick fix , there are 3 different actions you can try

Disabling COMM Addins , Deleting Macro's set to run in the template or disable the save prompt.

1. Disable Template saving prompt

You can disable whether or not word asks you to save your global templates everytime you exit word by going into

Click on the Microsoft Office icon on the top left -> Word Options -> Click on Advanced from left hand pane -> Scroll Down to the sub heading "save" -> and uncheck Prompt before saving normal template

now this will generally work if the template is on the local machine and you have permission to make changes. If this is unsuccessful move onto number 2

Check Word Add-ins

Again go into word options but this time go to the Add-ins tab on the left, at the very bottom you will see the word Manager with a drop down box , select COM Add-ins and click GO

here you will see the add-ins currently running in word, you may have to play around by disabling certain add-ins to see which one is the culprit.

Disable Macro's

  1. In the upper-left corner of the screen, click the Office button.
  2. In the lower-right area of the drop-down box, click Word Options.
  3. In the Word Options page, click Popular in the left menu.
  4. In the Top options for working with Word section, click to select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box, and then click OK.
  5. At the top of the Word window, click the Developer tab.
  6. On the Developer tab, click Macros in the Code group
disable the macros running and test

4. Check the file / directory permissions on the folder for the user

Internet Explorer 9 Website issues quick fixes, ATO portal and Digital Certificates

With the release of Internet explorer 9 there has been chaos for millions of people trying to access their favorite websites due to the fact that they have not been upgraded to be compatible with the latest release

some sites may even say that the site is designed for internet explorer and not your browser even when you are using it.

Getting your websites to work.

The biggest changes that have been made in internet explorer 9 are in regards to security and privacy so a lot of these settings have been cranked up high, some simple steps to get around website access issues

- reinstall any website plugins required for the site, java errors are a common complaint

- disable the popup blocker from the tools menu ( press ALT if you don't see your menu bar)

- Goto tools options security/privacy and drop down the settings to see if the website will load that way

- Run the website in compatibility mode which is the icon on the right of the address bar (now also a search bar) it is the icon NEXT to the padlock icon

you can also add sites permanently to the compatibility list, by going to tools "Comptability view settings.

- For those who use banking websites or sites that require a digital signature or certificate you may have to reinstall the software for internet explorer 9 to pickup the certificates which are installed on your computer.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lenovo T400 Dual Display Issue

A very quick one for those with a lenovo t400 laptop . there is a very common problem when using multiple displays with a docking station on the t400 where only the vga port will display a video signal.

3 Easy steps

Check your power manager settings , when you are running in battery saving mode the switchable graphics will be unavailable and you will not see any signal on your 2nd machine.

Run lenovo update to get the most recent video card drivers

Check Source on Monitor , and display options with FN + F7

Microsoft Outlook Offline Address Book not Downloading Error - Credentials pop up

A very common error I have found in outlook 2007/2010 is where the outlook offline address book fails to download from the server , which will cause the credentials window to constantly pop up every 2-3 minutes or whenever you try and manually download the offline address book .oab it will simply give you a failed message.

Steps to Resolve the Issue - From the Users end

1. Re-create the mail profile from control panel / mail . Delete the profile and recreate it. To make 100% sure that the old outlook information has been deleted ensure that the microsoft outlook files in \appdata\roaming and local are renamed or deleted.

2. Delete the .oab files from the users folder, C:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook

Note** Appdata is a hidden folder

3. Check your proxy settings on internet explorer (Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections ) . even though you may be able to ping your mail server the constant credential pop ups can be due to the users outlook client being able to authenticate with the mail server..

4. Check the settings in Credential Manager on windows 7 , you may have some old username/passwords in this section that are causing authentication errors.

5. A no brainer , check that your password hasn't just expired or requires a change.

this is pretty much all you can do from the users end, if its a new error then its very likely that it is a user issue , if its happening to multiple people , there are some settings on the exchange server that I will go through in my next post