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Monday, July 18, 2011

W32Time Error Event Viewer - Computer Freezing and not responding

w32 time error, msg may vary

If you find your computer freezing and becoming unresponsive, check out your event viewer/log under the system log, you may notice a whole lot of warnings about w32time a windows service used to synchronize times for computers within organizations to ensure everyone is on the same time including the servers.

1. Check how Time is synchronized

First step is to double click on your time at the bottom right of the screen, wait about 15 seconds until the internet time tab pops up, now you can make sure that your time in syncing with for example and this should remove the error.

If you have a different time keeping address you can also enter that

2. Disable System Standby

By correcting the time you should have prevented your system from hanging but its possible but if it still happens, you can disable system standby to make sure

go to start -- control panel -- power options

3. Final Fix Disable w32time service

this is for those who find that correcting how the time syncs and disabling system standby still have no effect on the system. You can disable the w32 time service

go to start --- run

type services.msc , to get a list of services currently running

locate w32 time also called Windows Time and right click to select properties, and set startup type to disabled and stop the service.