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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Website issues quick fixes, ATO portal and Digital Certificates

With the release of Internet explorer 9 there has been chaos for millions of people trying to access their favorite websites due to the fact that they have not been upgraded to be compatible with the latest release

some sites may even say that the site is designed for internet explorer and not your browser even when you are using it.

Getting your websites to work.

The biggest changes that have been made in internet explorer 9 are in regards to security and privacy so a lot of these settings have been cranked up high, some simple steps to get around website access issues

- reinstall any website plugins required for the site, java errors are a common complaint

- disable the popup blocker from the tools menu ( press ALT if you don't see your menu bar)

- Goto tools options security/privacy and drop down the settings to see if the website will load that way

- Run the website in compatibility mode which is the icon on the right of the address bar (now also a search bar) it is the icon NEXT to the padlock icon

you can also add sites permanently to the compatibility list, by going to tools "Comptability view settings.

- For those who use banking websites or sites that require a digital signature or certificate you may have to reinstall the software for internet explorer 9 to pickup the certificates which are installed on your computer.