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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rebuilding and Deleting User Profiles - Delete Greyed Out

the pain of rebuilding user profiles , in windows xp it was a lot simpler

Problem Description: When deleting user profiles you may run into the following issues
- profile always loading as temporary profile after deleted
- Option to delete profile under Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> User Profiles is greyed out
- After deleting user profile and try to log back on you get the message " The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." (occurs when manually deleting blaisonly)

Solution: Steps

1. Logon as Local Administrator
2. Remove the account you wish to delete from any Local Administrator Groups
3. Restart Machine (Necessary !! )
4. Delete is now not greyed out , simply hit delete and you are done.

Solution Continued: If the profile still not delete try the follow

5. Navigate to registry entries (to be safe always right click export the registry entries in case you need to import them back)
Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\[SID]
Look for profile image path to verify correct profile is being deleted

Delete HKEY_USERS\[SID]\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

7. Delete Folder under C:/Users

8. Now you are definitely done

thats all folks

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kodak Scanner Smart Touch Buttons not Working or Failed to Format Images

Kodak scanners, why won't you love me. They are machines thats why.

Common issue when Kodak Scanner have seen this issue on scanners i2600k , i1220 ,i900 and many other scanners.

Problem Description: When hitting the buttons on the scanner nothing happens no scanning popup or widow , absolutely nothing happens.In some cases after a restart it will work for about 15 minutes then continue to fail. In Some cases it will attempt to save files and launch program but will often lead to the "Failed to format images" message.


Step 1: Use the Kodak Button Re-Mapping Tool

Navigate to your Kodak Installation Directory , in most cases

C:/Program Files(x86)/Kodak/Document Imaging/ScannerModelName/SmartTouch/KSSToolV1.4  for older versions the tool is simply called button mapping

run KSSButtonMappingTool.exe

  1. Verify the install path is correct.  Select proper path if necessary
  2. Click the 'Remap Scanner Buttons' button
  3. Restart Machine, turn on and off scanner
  4. done !
the re-mapping tool is the most likely solution but if not please have a look on the kodak site for the latest drivers as I know a lot of scanners smart touch application have been patched lately.

Step 2: Fail to format images

This issue will most likely occur when the Kodak Capture Desktop software that is bundled with your kodak scanner is not installed correctly or quite often missing entirely.

Many people uninstall this program as they prefer to use the smart touch application but unfortunately it appears as though this program must be installed even if never used directly.

Please note: you do not need to register this application so long as you never actually open it. If you do not open the program you will not be presented with the registration window. Once you have opened this program once the scanner will choose to send all scans to the program.

Uninstall the reinstall and leave it be if you wish to use the smart touch application only. The Capture software only really adds an extra step to lengthen the scanning process. For those missing the cd i've scoured the web for it without much luck. I may upload it if ppl are interested


other obvious things to try

under services.msc try restarting the print spooler -> I know technically the scanner is not a printer but it sometimes works.

End the process for the Smart Touch Application in Task Manager, KS something.exe

Update: Contact Kodak Support they can provide some software *freeware* that used to be bundled with this device but for some reason no longer is, in my case support tech gave me a droplink to his personal account so I dunno how easy it will be to get, good luck

thats all folks

Myob Setup Failed - 0x800b0101 Required certificate not within its validity peroid

A very quick one today , Myob Setup Failed error - 0x800b0101

A required certificate is not within its validity period when verifying against the current system clock or the timestamp int he signed file.

This error occurs because the digital timestamp has expired and is no longer valid as stated by the error, you have two solutions.

Solution 1: Roll back your Clock and Retry the installation

right click your file and go to properties, under the Digital Signatures tab you will see when the file was timestamped , in my case Saturday 7 Feb 2015. As far as I know a timestamp lasts about 2-3 months sometimes longer

Wind your clock back to this timestamp date and reinstall.

Solution 2: Visit the MYOB site and re-download

Visit the myob site and re-download the site, it will have a fresh timestamp from the day you downloaded it. Useful options for those not administratively privileged to change the time.

That's all folks, not sure the reasoning for timestamps but there must be a reason