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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Webpage login page not loading - Blank White page - Steps to Fix Blank Internet explorer page

Common frustrating problem , when a webpage with a login screen won't load many different webpages use all sorts of plugins these days that can prevent a page from displaying correctly for you, otherwise its usually a security issue such as being unable to login when your web browser cache still has data from the last time you logged on.

Some steps to get past those white login pages or pages that are totally blank, for these examples I will use internet explorer but the similar steps will apply for other web browsers.

1. Deleting Temporary internet files and cache

In internet explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options, if you don't see the tools menu press the ALT key or click on the cog on the right hand side of the browser.
  - 1 open internet options
  - 2 check delete browsing history on exit
  - 3 click on delete
  - 4 select temporary internet files form the options, test other options if still having trouble
 -  5 hit delete
 - 6 hit ok

2. Update your JAVA

a simple one, visit to make sure you have the most up to date version of java. if the most up to date is not working for you , check with the website as they may be on an old release of java

3. Microsoft Silverlight Settings

Many webpages use microsoft silverlight for login pages, if your having trouble accessing a login page that uses microsoft silverlight try these steps.

1)     Go to Start  > All Programs > Microsoft Silverlight and open Microsoft Silverlight

2)     Click on the Application Storage tab

3)     Ensure application storage is on then click Delete all… and click Yes to the warning

4)     Click ok and retry webpage

4. Reset Internet Explorer

this one in my experience solves 80% of internet explorer issues, 

goto tools -> Internet Options ->  Advanced Tab -> Reset -> Reset

Close and reopen IE and retry.

hope that helped someone, that is all ^>^

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shortcuts all opening in same program - Remove Open With from .Ink Shortcuts

stumbled on this one today was messing around with a computer that had all .Ink or shortcuts set to open in Microsoft word, so everything would open in word,  Internet explorer, game shortcuts anything really. Here are the steps to fix it.

1. Simple Solution

The first solution involves using CreativeElement power tool which can be download from

this is just a simple tool that lets us fix the problem with a few clicks, it is free for 45 days and I am in no way associated with the software company, it worked for me and these are the steps I took

1. Install the Software and run Creative Element Power Tools
2. Under the file tools submenu click the checkbox next to "Edit file type associations" and then hit Accept
3. Under the heading "Edit file type associations" click on Start File Type Doctor Now

  4. Once the file type doctor is open, goto your desktop or wherever you keep your shortcuts right click a shortcut and click on Edit File Type
5. Now in the Actions in right click menu , highlight User choice override ( will be in red italic font) remove and click yes
Image of action menu after user choice override already removed. highlight user choice override , click on remove and yes. All your shortcuts should return to normal

hope that helps someone :)