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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Printing Letterhead with Microsoft Office Programs - Can't Print to Letterhead or Tray 2

This issue can you drive you bonkers, it can even drive you mad , basically the issue is when you can't print to letterhead paper from within word you select the tray where the paper is located and set the paper type to letterhead.   Try as you might it still fails to print.   "Why have you forsaken me Printer!!!"

In my case it was an easy solution , I was using Microsoft Office 2007

Possible Solution

The reason this issue occurred for me is that the margins in word (page setup) were setup in such a way that the page would not be able to fit onto a regular a4 letterhead so it automatically diverted to a different tray according to print auto select.

To fix this I went into Printer Preferences and went to the Paper option and told it to Print on an A4 Size paper , once I did that I was able to print without any trouble. (even if you know your page setup is correct it may be worth testing this option ,

Note: Menu's will look different depending on what type of print you have you will just need to have a browse around)

That's it I hope that helped, and for people using Microsoft Office 2010 I believe there was a hot fix for a similar issue so you may need to scrummage around the Microsoft site to download it.