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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Recover Lost/Forgotten Root Password for NAS (DNS 323) and everything else

The most annoying problem, Forgetting the root password which usually leaves with no choice but to totally format and reset your entire system or just coming to realization that your stuck with a brick server with limited functions. This walkthrough is focused on the DNS 323 , as I forgot the root password today and it was driving me mad trying to recover it so I could set up some usenet/torrent schedulers. Whats First?

First thing you want to identify is, Does your server have telnet enabled or disabled?

if you haven't disabled telnet it's as easy as jumping on telnet



and changing your root password (DONE) there can be some differences with what setup your using but leave a comment and i'll try and help out

FUN-PLUG to help restore password free telnet

Download Fun-Plug

For the DNS 323 it was simply as downloading the fun-plug.tar , moving it into the main directory of my dns 323, restarting the server

On restarting , telnet with no password will be available which you can now login too

telnet servername/ipaddresss

That's it, hope that helps some people out


  1. dns323 telnet is disabled, what should i do?

  2. did the fun-plug not re-enable it for you? you can give that a try otherwise you may be out of luck i'm afraid, i will take a look into it