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Monday, October 9, 2017

Symantec Endpoint Cloud - Unknown Status, Subscription is Expired or Enter 13 Digit PIN

You install Symantec Endpoint Cloud or SB and get the errors Unknown Status, Subscription is Expired or are asked to enter a 13 digit PIN to activate Norton. You will also notice an event viewer for the Symantec endpoint protection service not running and timing out.

Steps to try first

1. Sign into Symantec Endpoint Manager or hosted site, enable service and check subscription on computer

2. Try a reinstall with the steps

- Remove from Programs & Features

- Run Norton Removal Tool ->

- Run Symantec Removal Tool - CEDAR ->

- Manually remove directories C:\ProgramData\Norton or Symantec (responsible for activation of subscription)

- Reinstall as normal

The actual Fix

If the above does not work, right click Computer/My PC and goto properties

- Click Advanced System Settings (on left hand pane)

- Under the advanced tab click Environment Variables...

- Under Systems variables locate the "Path" variable

Click on Edit and ensure the path to your is up the very top

That is it , finally you should be able to activate and feel secure, you can force a re-activation of your product by deleting the 0000082 or 00000083 folder located in C:\ProgramData\Norton

You may find that this doesn't work also , if not you will have to do a complete uninstall and reinstall , once reinstalled immediately check the environment variables fix it up and reboot and you should be fine

hope that helps someone , was driving me absolutely bonkers trying to fix it

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