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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Installing GCC Compiler for Windows - For C , C++ , Objective C, Fortran

So I was talking to my friend the other day who wanted to start C Programming , I said "hooray" only problem was when he wanted to get his compiler up and running he was having a lot of trouble.

If you goto the official GCC compiler site you will be given source codes and a whole lot of different packages and unless your very competent with using command line and building packages and installing from scripts you may get a little stuck.

The easiest way to install GCC compiler for C Programming and a few others (C++, Obj C, Fortran and a couple more) is to download the MinGW compiler for windows. It will basically download all the latest packages for you and give you the options of which compilers you need. It then downloads everything unpacks it all and installs it.

You can download MinGW from

From there the steps are quite straight forward.

1. Run your setup and choose to download the latest repository catalogues


2. Choose your compiler
3. Watch as it downloads all your packages and finishes installing

That's it your all done, you can now use the compiler from the command line,
gcc filename.c

make sure to run the command line from the correct directory ( the directory that contains the gcc.exe or similar files usually C:\MinGW\bin.

There you have it , how to install GCC compiler for windows, hope it helped if not google away

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