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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Microsoft Office 2010 - Thesaurus and Synonyms missing or no suggestions

Microsoft Office 2010 - Thesaurus and Synonyms missing or no suggestions

what an annoying error just when you can't think of how to word something more elegantly , your
synonyms go walk about on you. Here's how to fix it (hopefully)

1. Delete Normal Templates

backup the normal template then delete or cut out of the directory


this fix may not always work , but can work if you have custom macro's causing the issue

2. Different versions of Office

If you have different versions of office installed it may mess with the office proofing features
for example some new laptops come with a demo of office 2010/13 which should be uninstalled
as it has been known to disable the proofing tools for some people.

3. Reinstall the Office Proofing Tools

goto Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Select Microsoft Office -> Change -> Add or Remove Features

Go down to Office Shared Features and select "Run from My Computer"

sometimes it doesn't register the option for whatever reason , select "not available" then reselect Run from my computer

select Continue, let office install the proofing features (thesaurus, synonyms, research)

4. Same Steps as 3 but select Repair

thats all hope it was helpful :)


  1. it worksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    thanx ...................

  2. Nice. It worked. I tried all sorts of other suggestions on other posts. This was the one for me.

  3. thanks for the informative post .it works

  4. Wonderful... It works!!!