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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix - Errors and Fixes - Hdd Error, Fan & Keyboard not working

Issues, Errors and Fixes for Lenovo Helix Laptops

Before trying the fixes make sure you have all the latest drivers
, by using System update ->

Issue 1 : Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD), No Harddrive detected

Common issue occurs when starting the laptop it is often fixed by simply powering
the machine off then powering back on. If not try the following steps

- Wait for the HDD detection Error to disappear
- Press Tab and Enter Setup (bios) on Blue Screen
- Navigate to the Boot Options
- Make sure that ATA HDD1 is the first priority (if that doesn't work try the Windows Boot Manager)
(Shift & + ) to move hdd up

Issue 2 : Keyboard dock not working or frozen when plugged into power

issue occurs where the keyboard dock will not be detected or whenever
ac power is plugged in it will become unresponsive

- attach the screen to the keyboard dock with power plugged in
and then use a paperclip to reset the keyboard dock
- Remember to reset the keyboard while powered for this fix to work

all should be good after this but for good measure update the keyboard dock firmware

- Download the Enhanced Keyboard dock update utility from

Issue 3: Fan Error

Fan error's are a pain with lenovo machines it most likely means a hardware repair

before you call tech support makes sure you reset both the screen and keyboard dock
using a paperclip (with and without ac power plugged in)

Issue 4: Screen's not displaying , or only one screen is showing when using Lenovo USB dock

I see this issue occur when people are using two screens which are both connected using dvi cables, for some reason only one screen will show. The only proven solution to this issue is to use the vga to dvi adapter that comes with the docking station.

The Dock has 2 dvi , one dual link and one single link. Use the dvi to vga adapter on the dual link and connect a vga cable from the adapter to the monitor that will fix this issue for most people.

Also note a firmware update for the keyboard/dock has been released. Fixes a few issues

Issue 5: Dual Screens not working

very similar to the one above the basic steps will involve

 - Turning off and on docking station
- Updating Display link drivers for docking station
- Unplug replug usb cable for docking station
- Disconnect tablet from keyboard dock and re-attach 

that is all


  1. I can find firmware updates for the Window 8 only, is there for 10?

    1. you can try the windows 8 version , pretty sure it should be compatible with win 10

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