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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outlook 2010 PST archive permission Denied FIX - File Access Denied

Frustrating issue especially when you originally created the archives, It should be pretty straight forward to fix the issue. (note: always open the archive don't import it )

1. Run Outlook as Administrator

Right click on your outlook shortcut, under the compatibility tab , check " Run this program as an administrator" (if you start to get popup's every time you go to open a program you can turn UAC off if your environment allows)

2. Check permissions on .PST archive file

Right click on the pst archive and goto the security tab, add the user "everyone" and give them full permissions and retry opening the archive.

3. Untick Read Only Attribute

Right click on your archive file go to properties and make sure that Read Only is unticked.

thats all folks, if your still having issues. You may be trying to access your pst from a network location which is not recommended by Microsoft but theoretically should still work if not , copy it across to a local directory and try again.


  1. Perfect solution. Helped me a lot!!!
    This was exactly what I was looking for!

  2. thank you for the on-point solution

  3. Not sure if the Run as Admin or the everyone did the trick, but up and running now. In my case office was install locally prior to switching over to the domain. Run as admin was not turned on when I went to check this for the domain user. Next time I will wait to install office after I switch over to the domain.