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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Iphone 5 - Charger Adapter FIX Accessory not supported

You may find you start getting this message with your ebay bought cheap iphone 4 to iphone 5 adapter cables , Converter Adapter

Once you receive this message there are two ways to get it to keep working.

1. Plug cable into a usb hub or usb powering device before plugging into phone.

-Plug in Lightning cable to iPhone.
-Dismiss any warnings.Unlock your iPhone.
-Dismiss any remaining warnings.
-Now with the screen turned on, unplug the Lightning cable and Plug cable back in
-Dismiss warning again. It should now be working

3. Turn Phone off and plug cable in, turn off the phone if it turns back on by itself ( will continue to charge even though you cannot see the progress) Only fix that I found to work


  1. Hello,
    I have gone through your blog its really giving beneficial information regarding iphone5. I am having one iphone5 which is also showing the same problem. What are the good iphone5 charger brands could you please reply me? So that i can short out my problem. Thanks doing a great job.

    1. Hello, i'm using iphone5 also, and i also get the same problem on my phone, any solution? Thank alot :)

    2. I was able to buy one from amazon and did not find any problem with something like this one. It is not necessary, but they also included some information on how to fix this kind of problem when it comes to not recognizing it with your phone . When buying one make sure that it is compatible with iOS7 or iOS8 for it to work :) By the way you can search it in amazon for that cable just type this ASIN B00P35MP0K . it is called BE Lightning Cable if not mistaken. Good luck!

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