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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Java Webpage Blank White Screen - Trouble viewing Java websites

Java, Smava, Lava it can be a struggle to get Java working sometimes and hopefully this list of helpful hints will help you figure it out.

Basic Steps

1. Download Java for 32bit and 64 bit. , Try Installing, reinstalling or go back and get a previous release of java that may be more friendly with your browser.

2. Download the Shockwave player and make sure the shockwave object is enabled in the internet explorer addons.

Now for a specific solution for those seeing a blank webpage if the above did not work , this is what worked for me.

Scenario: I was trying to access an old webpage using Internet Explorer 9 that used java for charts and graphs.

First step is to run the webpage in compatibility mode, The only problem is that the option under
Tools -> Compatibility View Settings does not always work and even though you've indicated compatibility mode it sometimes just ignores you completely

Go into Compatibility view settings and ensure that all checkboxes are unticked
This will reload the compatibility view button in the address bar,
Remove your site from the list above in compatibility view settings and instead click on the button above when it appears when you next visit the site.

This is what worked for me , hopefully it will help you out too. If your still having trouble remember to add sites to Trusted Sites, and check activex control settings to ensure you can view the webpage correctly.

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