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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Internet Explorer 9 - Compatability View Button missing from Address Bar FIX

Here is an issue I picked up in internet explorer 9 , What a frustrating one.

Even when entering sites manually into compatibility view from Tools ->   Compatibility View Settings. The site you entered would not always be run in compatibility mode or it would tell you it was but it would lying straight to your face.

Normally there would be a little compatibility icon in the address bar which you can click and choose to run a webpage in that mode. This button actually works here is how to get it back

goto Tools -> Compatibility View Settings

Now make sure that all the three checkboxes are UNTICKED

There you have it , the button shall return and you can run all the ancient websites you desire without error. Hope it helps someone as without this option you can have a heap of errors especially for sites running old versions of java , I shall do another post concerning that issue just so people can find the answer quicker.


  1. October 31, 2013 - this hint above does not work now...either the top 2 have to be checked or only the bottom one can be checked...can't check all three. So I unchecked top 2 and went only with bottom one and I believe I corrected access to the Sarasota Symphony website.

  2. Note, however, the compatibility button still won't show on tool bar.