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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Set Up Dropbox - Blank Black Login Screen - FIX

Issue: Dropbox auto updates and it now asks you to sign in , the only issue is that the login screen is totally blank or black

Cause: This appears to be a display issue but first of all rule out the following

  • Popup blocker
  • Trusted sites internet explorer
  • Firewall / Anti-virus exceptions
  • Java / Adobe Flash (maybe :S )

Fix: For me the issue was display / graphics issue as I could blindly make my way through the setup prompts and some windows were not black other were

My fix was unusual but involved

  1. Setting resolution to 1024x768
  2. Set dropbox to use 256 bit colors (right click shortcut -> properties -> compatibility tab)
  3. Plug into your machine/server hosting dropbox with a VGA cable mouse & keyboard
When I did this everything came up as normal, I am not totally sure which part of this resolved the issue but it may have just been physically connecting to the machine with a vga cable

Other: another possible option for those running dropbox on a virtual machine would be to connect via the console/kvm or remote desktop into the machine. Even from the machine itself to itself.

Note I did try Microsoft remote desktop with the same issues so it may be worth trying a few different remote desktop clients as it appears to be a purely graphical issue, well for me anyway

Hope this helps someone , I know dropbox support is manned by one sole hamster , poor fella he's got so many emails to get through

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