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Friday, September 16, 2016

Deploy Myob Silently to Users without Admin Rights using PDQ Deploy

A quick how to on how you can deploy the more recent versions of Myob without running into the issue were the Myob data is installed into the PDQ deploys default user APPDATA rather than the required user.

-Standard user without Admin Rights
-Large number of users require Myob installed
-Silent install required with no user interaction
-Deployment with PDQ Deploy
-Install to users APPDATA folder
-Myob 2016.2 (in this case)
-MSI Package

Note: You must use the MSI installer for this to be effective , Download the MSI installer directly from the my.myob support page , if only the exe is available simply open the .exe file leave it open then navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp

If you have trouble locating it run the .exe with a log file and you will be able to pin point the msi’s location, the msi will often disappear once you close the installer window.

IMPORTANT * - Trying to install a .EXE silently will fail due to admin rights and the fact that a .EXE file will also try and install all pre-requisites in this case Microsoft Net Framework. When installing from an MSI always ensure pre-requisites are met first.

Setting up PDQ Job

Install File: Browse to location of MSI e.g MYOB AccountRight Client 2016.2.msi
No Additional Files

Success Codes: 0,1641,3010

Custom Command Line: msiexec.exe /i "MYOB AccountRight Client 2016.2.msi" /quiet /log %appdata%\output.log

Options Tab: Run As Logged on User
Check the log file and the installation will have successfully installed to the logged on users appdata directory.

That’s it all done, If you find that it fails first deploy the package as the default deploy user without a custom command line then proceed to follow steps above.
Hope that was helpful

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