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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Outlook Messages stuck in Outbox then Disappear - Recover Email Items

A very frustrating error which goes something like this.

You type up a bunch of emails and then hit send, they will then sit in the outbox forever not sending. You close down and reopen outlook and the email items have magically disappeared no sign of them in drafts or deleted items.

This issue currently occurs in Outlook 2010 & 2013

Cause: The cause of this issue according to microsoft is the use of Network Archive .PST files , so if you have those attached remove them if you can or move away from them slowly.

The other reason is 3rd party addins, the most common culprit is the itunes/icloud addin.


not so much a solution but a way to recover your emails that were not send.

1. Download MFCMAPI ->

2. Load the mail profile on your computer if possible , otherwise run mfcmapi on the clients machine

3. Right click the mail profile and click Open Store

4. Navigate to the Recoverable Items folder , Right click and select Open Contents Table

5. Sort by Received or Submitted Date 

6. Find your email, right click and export message to .msg

there you have it,  its not a total loss you can retrieve the emails. It would be nice if Microsoft fixed the issue though

best of luck , hope it helped


  1. Many websites teach people to just delete stuck Read receipts with no mention of how to recover the stuck message. Your tutorial rocks!!
    Sincere thanks.

  2. This worked perfectly. Had a user that would occasionally get a backup of her outlook profile and was able to recover the outbox. Thanks

  3. Hi. Thanks for that. I cant see a 'Recoverable Items folder'. I am using outlook for IMAP email (Gmail). Is that the reason?

  4. I'm with Avi, I'm not seeing any Recover Items folder...?

  5. This lead me in the right direction, though I cannot see "Recoverable Items". However, Outlook -> Folders -> Recover Deleted Items provided the described solution as well!!