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Monday, October 10, 2011

Open Multiple Excel Sheets - MIcrosoft Excel in Seperate Windows

What an annoying issue, For some reason you can't open multiple excel sheets in different windows, they keep popping up in the same window making dual screens totally useless. Here is the solution.

Open the Registry

Start -> Run -> type regedit then hit enter
for Windows 7 type regedit in search and hit enter

Navigate to

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> Excel.Sheet.8 -> Shell -> Open         (do the same for excel sheet .12 for xlsx)

here you will see 2 folders , command and ddeexe

1. Rename or Delete the ddeexe folder

2. Under the command folder, you will see two values for (default) and command, Modify the data by removing the exisitng /e or /dde on the end and replace with "%1" as shown below. Repeart on excel.12

there you have it , all fixed. any questions comment away

Lazy Man's Method

Open 1st excel file by double clicking the file
Open 2nd excel file by double clicking Microsoft Excel then opening the file within excel

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